Commercial Services

Good photographs will attract people to your product or service.
Whether for prints on your walls or displays, on screen for your web site, or to send images to tell a story to a client; good quality photographic images will give you a competitive edge or bring inspiration to your home or office.
Product or Packshot images for the clothing, scientific or food industries

Key Areas Covered:

• Commercial product photography
• Building and architectural work
• Landscape and garden
• Image editing services

Example of work for a major property company

Examples of work could include:

• Product Images (sometimes called ‘Packshots’) for your website
• Prints for interior design or other commercial use
• Illustrations for an architectural portfolio of buildings or proposed development
• Records of historical buildings or landscapes
• Garden development or landscaping projects
• Image manipulation and editing services

What we provide

We either work on location or at our office depending upon the nature of the commission undertaken.

An example would be photographing product items for an on-line shopping website. We would visit your premises, bringing a dedicated lighting set-up. Alternatively you can deliver product to us. It is recommended, at least for the first contract, that we work together, so you can see images as they are created to ensure everything is to your satisfaction.

For landscape or building photography we obviously would need to be at the location when capturing images, but processing of those images would be done back at our office.

All images are created digitally and are supplied electronically or in print with colour profiles to suit the intended use.

Product or Packshot images for the engineering or scientific industries

Electronic images can be provided on disc either as:

• Web Ready – JPEG files at 72 dpi, sized to your instructions
• Print Ready – as JPEG, TIFF or PSD formats at 300 dpi

For printed images, we have the facility to print in-house up to A2 size, alternatively an external professional printing service may be used.

What it will cost

Cost is calculated on either an hourly or daily rate, in addition to the cost of any consumable media. We would normally provide a written quotation in advance, once we have discussed and fully understood your requirements.

Our quotation would state all the costs you could expect together with confirmation of the nature of the project and the agreed specifications for delivery of any finished work.

If you supply product to us for 'packshot' photography, then return of the items is by your own collection or at your expense.

We are a VAT registered company.

Why you should use

We listen to your requirements, helping with creative input where appropriate to produce a portfolio of images that meets your needs.

You have access to our technical knowledge and expertise both from a photographic and business point of view.

Images are edited on colour calibrated monitors and any in-house printed work is produced using print profiles specific to the printer and paper set-up used. This together with documented workflow procedures ensures quality control is maintained throughout all stages of production.

Product or Packshot images of clothing, fashion or glass items

What to do next

Call us on 01556 660100 or 0797 0695 940 or use the Contact Page on this site.

We look forward to discussing your project with you.

Example No1 Footwear Detail

Close up image showing detail of footwear

Example No2 Handbag Detail

Close up image showing detail of fabric

Example No3 Spring Detail

Close up image showing detail of engineering part