Alwyn Howes

All my life I’ve been a technician, an engineer. Everything has had to be ordered, logical, conforming to rules, standards and specifications.

Now I’m a photographer, it’s a new and exciting world...
Alwyn Howes
Alwyn Howes
Born in Portsmouth, England, I trained as a mechanical design engineer, working in industry for many years, then sales and latterly Quality Assurance and computing. All the while being a keeper of the nine to five routine, or more often eight ‘till six grind.

In 2004, my wife and I quit our old jobs and moved to Scotland where I’d spent some of my early school days.

I took my first photographs like many, when I was a teenager, trying the patience of my school master as he tried to teach me how to develop black and white prints in the school darkroom. It did not last. I got a shiny racing bike one birthday and cycling became my first love. Photography was relegated to an interesting sideline and a way to casually capture memories of holidays awheel.

Like many, I took no more than ‘snaps’ for a good many years.

When we moved to Scotland as part of a mid life crisis, all sorts of things which had been taken for granted were put under the microscope. Here was an opportunity for change. Despite being trained to run firmly on the rails, here was a chance to do something creative. I started to take pictures again, this time with a small digital camera.

Then my father died – a lifelong supporter of my hobbies and interests, a friend, who had always been there, was suddenly gone.

Ken Howes - HMS Liverpool 1949
Ken Howes - HMS Liverpool 1949

My father served many years in the Royal Navy. Part of that time he acted as photographer for the late Lord Louis Mountbatten on cruise in the Mediterranean shortly after the Second World War. He had a small darkroom in his cabin and processed all his own work in what were at times very difficult conditions. He captured unique moments most of which I have never seen and must now be hidden away in some archive or other. There are some small ‘snaps’ I do have which I might share with you sometime in the future.

His passing though, was the catalyst to start my professional career as a photographer…

… and so here I am.

I’ve soon learnt that taking pictures is easy, but capturing how I feel in a particular location, or trying to stimulate you, to move your mind, your heart, or make you look and ponder, is much harder.

I derive a lot of pleasure capturing those moments in time you see here reproduced in my photographs. Those special moments are now available for you to share and own.

In my earlier working career, one of my responsibilities was company training. Now with a wish to share my knowledge with you, I provide one to one, computer and digital photography tuition, here in south west Scotland. Please see my Tuition page for details.

Please tell me what you like and don’t like about my pictures and if possible why, as I am continually trying to improve what I do.

What matters to me is that my pictures do something for you, whatever that may be.

Alwyn Howes